Purpose of the association

Statues (excerpt)

§2 Purpose of the association

1. Purpose of the association is the support of animal protection, the protection of nature and the care for nature as defined by state laws, coast protection and flood control, as well as the support of local history.

2. The purpose of the association is fullfillled though education and example, to create an understanding for animals, support their well-being, prevent any cruelty to animals or exploitation. This is to be brought about by criminal prosecution according to the legal provisions no matter who the person is, by influencing political decisions through campaign work, by taking in distressed animals, and by spreading an ethical awareness through public relations that all fellow creatures alike are capable of suffering. Animals are taken care of in a pet sanctuary manner and natural habitats are being created. Also we aspire to keep local history alive and inform people through public relation activities.

3. The activities of the association is extended to the protection of all animals, plants and homelands and is not only stationary.

4. The association makes an effort to care for all animals that we take under our roof, for as long as needed, or find new suitable homes for them. Animals who can’t find a new home stay with us for the rest of their lives. This counts for abandoned animals, as well as for animals that have been taken in by the associationon on behalf of the authorities.

5. The association makes an effort to teach young people an ethically and conscious contact with animals. Specially socially disadvantaged young people who struggle, shall find new perspectives through working in a violent-free way with animals.

6. The purpose of the association is also full-filled by supporting other non-profit associations financially, or through allowance in kind. This salvage can also be given to foreign institutions, taking tax advantages into account.

§3 Benefit to the public

1. The association only works for the benefit of the public, in alliance with tax laws.

2. The association is working altruistically and has no selfish financial interests.

3. Finances of the association are supposed to be only used for the purposes of the association and the administrative tasks going along with that. Members are not receiving any grants from the association. This excludes members with a workers contract by the association or self-employed members, landlords and the likes, who charge services or sell physical products.

Since the 14th of December 2016 our association is a registered non-profit organisation. We are registered at Naumburg/Saale and our tax number is 119/143/00756.

The statue of the association „Verein für Natur und Tiere in Not e.V“ („association for nature and animals in need“), OT-Tauhardt, Gasthof 45, 06647 Finne, from 12th February 2015 (last changed 15th July 2016) is in order with German law §§ 51, 59, 60 und 61 AO.