Introducing the association

Our association is a registered non-profit organisation with its headquarter in Tauhardt, part of the municipality Finne, that belongs to Burgenlandkreis/Sachsen Anhalt.

Our association was founded February 12th, 2015.

Our association made the protection of mother nature and all its inhabitants, specially animals and plants and the environment, its business, to safe it for the coming generations.

Our association helps animals in need.

Our association serves for animals as a pet sanctuary.

Our association builds bug hotels.

Our association gives a home to wild bees and honey bees.

Our association plants trees and builds hedge banks to create spaces for wild animals.

Our association cares for domestic wild herbs and supports the cultivation of traditional vegetables.

Our association is leasing or buying monocultural spaces to recreate biological spaces free of poisons and pestizides for wild animals, birds, insects and plants – with scattered fruit trees, hayfields, wetlands, hedge banks for frogs, toads, lizards and other animals.

Our association supports the preservation of local history. We preserve traditional agriculture machinery and spaces with special history. We offer tours to learn about herbs and other guided tours.